The three parties that did right among a whole lot of fraud

This whole Semrush-created junk about me being a Google SEO expert has one silver lining: if anyone has posted about it falsely, they are a fraud, and you know never to hire them. There are only a few people who have got it right: Shahid Jafar Khan in Pakistan (who removed his piece immediately upon finding out, and helped me get to the bottom of how it all emerged); Husnain Khalid, also in Pakistan, whose article got the facts right from the outset and put people on to the official Google sources for algorithm information; and Devs Army (sic), who still penned a big piece to game Google, but at least it was factually accurate, researched, and pinned the blame squarely on Semrush. One Quora responder also got it right, but many others were still writing fiction to game Google. (It’s my hope the Quora questions will vanish as I have reported them.) The articles keep emerging on Google, the only search engine to be taken in to this extent (Mojeek, Bing, Yandex and Baidu have been mostly able to steer clear).

The fact is I do know more about SEO than the frauds do, but I wouldn’t offer pronouncements on Google algorithms. There’s a simple reason: Google doesn’t tell the public about what’s inside the black box. Whatever it is, it can’t be very good.

If you want to know my expert opinion on Google and SEO, it’s here—and it’s not what the splogs are saying.

Shahid and Husnain have both been extremely courteous, and I thank them for their help during this very strange time.
Remember when I said that Bing’s index must be around 2 milliard pages? Finally, is showing a figure nearer that. Either Bing has stopped lying about the number of results it has (and in my last tests, they actually had, at least for site: searches) or the researcher Maurice de Kunder has found a way around it. There is no way, certainly since I began testing Bing, that it was ever in the tens of milliards’ league. for the last three months for the last two years

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