Online reviews: no safeguard against piling

There is a certain satisfaction in reading statuses like this:


But at the same time it confirms what I said years ago about Google My Business and its ilk. There are no safeguards for piling.

Thanks to Google’s bugs, I believe my business has a listing but it’s been nicely messed up so our locations are vague.
Google My Business listing for Jack Yan & Associates

And in this day and age, there are no safeguards for misinformation, either, unless you happen to find junk on sites like Medium, where they actually do care. Big Tech—Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.—doesn’t.

I shouldn’t have cared about bots on Facebook and spent entire evenings reporting them a decade ago, or misinformation on Google, considering I do not respect either company. I only tried to do something because (a) it was the right thing to do; and (b) an unworkable web filled with bots and misinformation is bad for all of us. I’ll fight on my side of the street, but, sadly, Big Tech—the gatekeepers—won’t fight on theirs.

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