Instagram-created art

I don’t know if Instagram does this on all phones, but when I make multi-photo posts, it often leaves behind a very interesting image. Sometimes, the result is very artistic, such as this one of a Lotus–Ford Cortina Mk II.

You can see the rear three-quarter shot just peer in through the centre. I’ve a few others on my Tumblr, but this is the best one. Sometimes technology accidentally makes decent art. I’m still claiming copyright given it’s derived directly from my work.
PS., March 3: Here’s a fun one from my visit to Emerson’s Brewery.

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3 thoughts on “Instagram-created art

  1. It’s an Instagram bit of functionality that, at some point, you downloaded. It’s called Layout and you normally edit the initial creation. Very common.

  2. That would be a good theory if I had actually used Layout; also Layout doesn’t alter colours (beyond the filtering) and layer images. You should give this a go—do a multi-image post and see what gets saved in the Instagram image folder.
       You can see the raw images on my Instagram and if you can get Layout to do this from those, I will shout you a bottle of nice champagne.
       Judging by every single forum, it appears I have the same technology and the same problems as anyone else. The difference is that I have a better memory than others.

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