Andrew Niccol’s Simone: I think we are now there

  Anyone remember Andrew Niccol’s film Simone? It remains one of my favourites—I liked it so much I saw it at the cinema in New Zealand, a country which never gave it a proper release. (I still remember the media going on about how much we supported Kiwi filmmakers around that time. Evidently not all […]

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Remembering Nehemiah Persoff, 1919–2022

Nehemiah Persoff as a corrupt Latin American finance minister, Phillipe Pereda, in the Mission: Impossible episode, ‘The Vault’ (1969).   I read that the wonderful Palestinian-born character actor Nehemiah Persoff passed away this month last year, aged 102. I remember Nehemiah most from the third-season Mission: Impossible episode, ‘The Vault’, which is among the best […]

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Nostalgia in Grenoble

Andrea Berlese If you’re around my age with a similar interest in model cars, this mural, Re-collection, by Leon Keer on a block of flats in Grenoble, France, will appeal.    Leon has Tweets with the before and after, and one about the process. ‘Re-Collection’ my latest mural @GStreetartfest Grenoble France, photos before and after […]

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Instagram-created art

I don’t know if Instagram does this on all phones, but when I make multi-photo posts, it often leaves behind a very interesting image. Sometimes, the result is very artistic, such as this one of a Lotus–Ford Cortina Mk II.     You can see the rear three-quarter shot just peer in through the centre. […]

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Nicholas Ind’s Meaning at Work: finding fulfilment in the early 2010s

Two of my friends have books coming out. I’ll discuss one for now, as it’s been a long long weekend.    The first is my Medinge Group colleague Nicholas Ind’s Meaning at Work, which has now made it on to Amazon, and is getting wider distribution.    You can get an idea of what Meaning […]

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Remember when we had an imagination like this?

I keep telling people, most recently Mark Westerby, the producer, at last night’s Pecha Kucha where we both spoke, about ‘a cartoon strip that’s written by a six-year-old and drawn by his 20-something brother’. Except I encountered it so long ago that, beyond a few initial Tweets and a long browse of their website, I […]

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The “other” Tsang Tsou Choi biography

I can’t find much by way of biography for artist Tsang Tsou Choi (曾灶財), the self-titled ‘King of Kowloon’ (九龍皇帝), but the following gives a good summary about how most feel about him:    Since his death, some of his work has been destroyed by the Hong Kong authorities, though others have been preserved. (Initially, […]

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