7 thoughts on “Tumblr is dead, long live NewTumbl

  1. think again.. the “tubmlr refugee camp” has turned in to the “pedo tumblr refugee’s” i’ve got pics and everything.. ,, look out for the new when you’re naked a supporter …

  2. I’m quite happy with my settings that show no adult content and, therefore, I don’t. I reckon you should report illegal stuff like that—there’s no place for it. Tumblr, meanwhile, still has plenty of adult content that they’ve completely missed—certainly among my followers are what appear to be adult-content bots.

  3. newTumbl What happened? 07JUNE2023. Sign-in results in “It’s been a blast. Thanks for your patronage … :

  4. Richard, I left in 2020 because the moderators were ruining the site and the owners didn’t care. I’m surprised it carried on for this long.

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