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COVID-19 stats’ update, April 16

Don’t worry, I won’t make this too regular, but as I had done some more number-crunching of the available stats during the daytime, I thought I’d share them. I鈥檝e noticed that some countries update their test numbers on a less regular basis, e.g. France, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland, though Worldometers now has updated ones since my last COVID-19 post. France鈥檚 test figure hasn鈥檛 changed, so we can safely conclude that its infection rate as a percentage of tests done is lower than what鈥檚 cited below. The same applies to Singapore.
   New Zealand has dipped below 2 per cent, finally, but thanks to rounding it鈥檚 cited as 2路00 per cent below. These figures include what Dr Ashley Bloomfield announced an hour ago. Happily, the US has started to see a fall since I last did these figures鈥攖here鈥檚 one post I didn鈥檛 write even though I had the calculations ready (it was too late at night for me to compose something cogent). Goes to show how quickly the landscape changes.
   I had overestimated the number of tests Sweden had done: it turns out they haven鈥檛 increased in number at the same rate as the fortnight before, though my use of 75,000 in the previous table wasn鈥檛 far off. Despite my overestimation, their infection rate continues to rise.
   The UK has also risen but not at the same rate, though judging by Twitter there, some are questioning whether deaths in aged care facilities are being included.
   Germany should be happy with its rate going from the 9s into the 7s.

France 147,863 of 333,807 = 44路30%*
Spain 180,659 of 650,755 = 27路76%
UK 98,476 of 398,916 = 24路69%
USA 644,089 of 3,258,879 = 19路76%
Sweden 11,927 of 74,600 = 15路99%
Italy 165,155 of 1,117,404 = 14路78%
Switzerland 26,336 of 199,000 = 13路23%
Germany 134,753 of 1,728,357 = 7路80%
Singapore 3,699 of 72,680 = 5路09%*
KSA 5,862 of 150,000 = 3路91%
New Zealand 1,401 of 70,160 = 2路00%
South Korea 10,613 of 538,775 = 1路97%
Australia 6,462 of 377,024 = 1路71%
Hong Kong 1,017 of 116,273 = 0路87%
Taiwan 395 of 49,748 = 0路79%

* Test number has not been updated

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