BMW iX takes Autocade to 4,700 models

We’ve hit 4,700 models on Autocade, and unfortunately the model that sees in the milestone is, to my eyes, visually challenging. Still, there’s a part of me that’s quite curious about the interior and how it drives. Goes to show that there’s no planning in making the BMW iX our 4,700th.

I also want to test out featured images with the new blog layout, something earlier skins here didn’t have capacity for. The repeated image doesn’t work for me—so I will have to go into the code to get rid of it. If I want an image there, I’ll type in <img src> myself, thank you. (PS.: Since you don’t see a repeated image within the post any more, I was successful. It still appears on the main blog index page.)

It would have been the Toyota bZ4X but I can’t find any information on the net (not gross) battery capacity of the AWD model. Where possible, I want to cite net figures, and I only had the 64 kWh of the FWD Euro-spec model.

An awful lot of crossovers and SUVs made up the last 100 but there were some interesting “regular” cars from Hongqi, Ginetta, the Renault Espace II, the Daihatsu Naked, the Nissan Crew, the Matra 530 SX, the MG 7 Mk II, the remainder of the MGBs, and others. Thank God for the non-SUVs, without which updating Autocade would be a tedious and nearly joyless task.
Completely unrelated:

Basically OnlyKlans is Elmu’s personal plaything now, so just leave him to it. Show some discernment in what is covered: his wild theories about NPR, for instance, aren’t worth repeating. Not many of his ravings are. It shouldn’t matter that he’s rich if we are covering stories based on merit. I can’t even see much of what happens there now being in the public interest since we know he’s going to continue enabling only those who he agrees with. Does Truth Social get this many column inches, real or virtual? They’re little clubs for their proprietors and their mates. The rest of the user base is just a burden for them to carry and occasionally force their messages on to.

However, I was very surprised to read activity is at 91 per cent of what it was before his takeover. Either there is an awful lot of bots being counted there, or some people cannot let go. A lot of my regular contacts who were there made the move in 2022, so it’s hard for me to comprehend a figure as high as 91, especially when Mastodon delivers far more engagement on smaller audiences. Real engagement is what you should seek on social media—it’s such a basic rule. Should we even trust Twitter’s numbers when its own proprietor expressed doubts over them?

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