Latest podcast; and both Twitter and Facebook appear to be down on IFTTT

I had recorded an earlier podcast but deemed it too controversial; instead, here’s something I uploaded to Anchor last week on the day Paul O’Grady passed away. It’s a little tribute to him (and Lily Veronica Mae Savage). There’s a little bit about a racist builder, and I conclude with the Business Book Awards.

No, I don’t really know what I’m doing with these podcasts. They started during the first lockdown when my friend Olivia St Redfern recorded theirs, and the first episode was a response. Many moons ago, during the giant snowstorm of Wellington (2011?), they hosted a webcast show, Leisure Lounge, which I participated in. Maybe I should keep them to a single topic to build up an audience, something I never did here or on any social media presence. I guess I didn’t like to be tied down to a single subject and the minute I tried to make something kind of specialized (when I started posting my model car collection on Instagram), I lost interest!

They were never that popular—I believe I’ve had 123 plays of all of these recordings since the start. I don’t know software well enough to do podcasts with more than one person (or how to capture the sound from more than one source); even for work I am usually capable of recording my interviewees but not my side of the dialogue. Because I’ve had plenty of ideas, such as doing one for dementia caregivers along with two other friends.

I have put my technological issue to friends on social media but I’ve never been able to implement their ideas because of a lack of time or computing knowledge. Why it’s this hard, I don’t know. You’d think this technology would be available now to the layperson in 2023. Just flick a switch on-screen and the recording should get underway like on a tape recorder.

Incidentally, it appears IFTTT no longer works with Twitter and Facebook. On Lucire’s account, the scripts that connect to both have gone kaput (‘paused’). I suffered the indignity of going into Facebook today to post some Lucire article links there manually (which is a mug’s game since Facebook refuses to pick up the chosen image when you do a direct input; it’s fine when it comes through IFTTT).


We know why Twitter is broken, because of its proprietor not having a clue what the company does, and showing on countless occasions that it’s his plaything and reflects his biases. In which case, are they still covered by s. 230 of the Communcations Decency Act over there? It’s whether the definition of ‘interactive computer service’ applies here, and the drafters of the legislation made it incredibly broad. The answer is it does; and for all the objectionable content now on OnlyKlans, Musk isn’t its sole creator.

But since few of us on the team want to go on Facebook, I’m wondering if we should treat it as our old Myspace and just let it go. We barely update Instagram; Tiktok has three videos; and no one goes on Twitter. Which leaves only Mastodon as our social medium. Not a bad state of affairs then.

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