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I wanted to add a few words to Amazon for Stefan Engeseth’s Sharkonomics 2, but it seems Amazon no longer lets me post reviews. I guess Jeff B.’s rich enough without needing my content.

I thought some of the negative ones he got there were a bit rough, given that he’s not proclaiming that Sharkonomics is the biggest thing since Good to Great.

If you are hunting for this title, here’s an unsolicited review. I’m only biased in as much as I’m his friend, but I feel this is a more accurate review than what I see on Jeff’s site.

As enjoyable as the first: a bite-sized business book with a fun gimmick. While Jaws 2 wasn’t as good as Jaws, Sharkonomics 2 is a better bet than the original, since there’s a new third act, created from feedback to the author since the first edition was published. Sharkonomics has netted Stefan Engeseth more attention than many of his earlier titles, since the notion of the shark as predator is one that’s easy to grasp, and knowledge from his international lectures are distilled into the new section.

Like his first book, Detective Marketing, it is easy and quick to digest, but then Stefan hasn’t pretended otherwise. It does what it claims and is written in his inimitable, humorous style.
Disclosure: I am a personal friend of the author but this review is unsolicited.


Since 2 contains the content of the original, then go for the later title. Here it is at the publisher’s site, and if you must order from Jeff, it’s here.

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