Panos: My Life, My Odyssey wins commendation at Business Book Awards 2023

I might not have made it to London for the Business Book Awards 2023, but my mug did, as Panos: My Life, My Odyssey won a Highly Commended in the Business Journey category.

The organizers were kind enough to include me on the screen as Panos picked up the prize for his autobiography.

It was a pleasure to ghost for a dear friend of over 20 years, and it really helped that we understood each other, and had done since my first interview with him in the 1990s.

As a result, everything flowed.

I was proud to tell his story, in words as close to his own as possible.

It was all typed on WordPerfect, since I needed the best tool for the job, before it was set in InDesign.

I had a sense we would get something because it’s a book that I get engrossed by when I pick it up—even though I ghost-wrote it and know what happens!

Ultimately, this is Panos’s story and if it weren’t so fascinating in itself, I wouldn’t get so engrossed.

The organizers only give out one trophy per book, regardless of the number of authors, so it’s only right that this is with Panos.

I can probably now call myself an ‘award-winning author’—and it is award in the singular at the moment!

Huge thanks to Martin Liu at LID Publishing for overseeing everything, Aiyana Curtis and the editorial team, and Teya Ucherdzhieva. An extra thank-you to Stefan Engeseth for his friendship and for being the first to break the news to me!

Now, for the audio book!

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