A minor McAfee bug report continues to bug, while (breaking news) Google acts professionally

I have to hand it to McAfee for their courtesy and even their tenacity, but phone calls at weekends (and then failing to call at rescheduled times) are getting ridiculous.
   When I file a bug report, I like an acknowledgement that things are being worked on, and that’s great.
   But considering I’ve spent over an hour doing this for McAfee over a really tiny issue, you’d think they’d have enough information.
   Oh, no:

Thank you for contacting McAfee Consumer Online Support.
   We have been trying to contact you on [phone number], however we were unable to reach you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.
   We have received few suggestions from next support level, which we would like to perform in the computer. We would like to contact you at a time that is convenient for you. Please respond to this email letting us know if and when we may call you tomorrow (29th June, 2011). Also provide us any alternate telephone number.

My response:

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions prior, this was merely a bug report. I really don’t see why you need to do anything on my computer.
   Most software companies allow users to file bugs so they can update their successive versions. The bug does not affect the operation of your program: it is an æsthetic issue. However, it is one that I would have thought McAfee would like to remedy in future.

   And, surprise, surprise, good news from Google.
   I wrote to Chang Kim, who appears to have succeeded Rick Klau as product manager of Blogger. I’ve asked him about the ongoing issue with Google Dashboard reporting that I have one blog with them, when I know I have none. Are they holding on my data, in contravention of their terms and conditions?
   Like Rick, Chang’s responded immediately. He’s checked out my record and found nothing there, though he has cced one of his colleagues to see if he can assist further.
   We haven’t remedied it, but I have this question: why are the Blogger product managers so proficient, courteous and professional, while other parts of Google, and at least one volunteer on the forums, work on the “biggest dickhead” theory?
   It’s guys like Rick and Chang that make you wish more Googlers were like them.

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3 thoughts on “A minor McAfee bug report continues to bug, while (breaking news) Google acts professionally

  1. Oof.

    My experiences tell me this: apparently, for other parts of Google– they figure it’s not worth it enough for them to care.

    And then I wonder why not. But see, I’ve been in other sectors of service industries, and I still run into that paradox occasionally.

    I never know how I’ll ram it through their head, because “going out of business” is the only way they’ll really understand it. Small business owners will have to face that, eventually, but of course, Google’s not a small business… even though parts of it once were.

  2. Chang cced a Google colleague in, who took over answering me. Till he stopped. I only hope he’s checking on things after getting stumped, but a few years ago, he left me in the lurch.

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