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Ford spoofs Cadillac with a more realistic commercial

First up, the Cadillac ELR TVC, with actor Neal McDonough boasting about the US’s consumer culture and past glories:

   And now, Ford parodies it with a far more down-to-earth and realistic message about what we should be praising in the occident, starring environmental advocate Pashon Murray, who runs Detroit Dirt, a composting company:

   The parody is quite enjoyable and I’ve a feeling this will appeal to a wider audience than the original. However, for those who haven’t seen the original, it’ll up its views. GM is unlikely to be displeased, and the Ford Grand C-Max (or just C-Max in the US) is not a direct competitor.
   Even though it’s not original, the newer commercial—sans Muhammad Ali and the Apollo programme—feels more responsible and in tune with where we are in the 2010s.

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2 Responses to ‘Ford spoofs Cadillac with a more realistic commercial’

  1. jaklumen says:

    However, for those who haven’t seen the original, it’ll up its views.

    The first video is no longer available, Jack… but either I saw it with you, or… somewhere else. The error message is that the account that uploaded it was terminated.

    I hadn’t seen the parody, though. Very slick! Slicker than eel snot, as they say. Thanks for sharing it. I’d say it’s not just that it’s realistic, but because it’s witty. My thought was, “Oh no, here goes a sob story,” and then the wit hit me like a suckerpunch. Y’know, like a “what the… oh, ha ha!”

  2. jaklumen says:


    I must be tired. I didn’t close my HTML tags for italics properly.

    21:48 here. Come visit my blog a sec if you want to know what’s up. I’ve been made a little… bionic.

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