Putting Autocade’s Mediawiki behind Cloudflare

This is not a bad problem to have, but it could get expensive:
Autocade traffic bandwidth usage: 192,383·5 Mbyte per month

Therefore, today I made the decision to switch Autocade to Cloudflare. I had been warned by people who know far more about this than me that it will affect the statistics, so I’ll have to get over not being able to monitor them—which is a shame as traffic increases. Here’s the latest snapshot, to be added to the 27,647,011 from the 2008–22 period.
Autocade statistics page, 7,639,010 page views since the 2022 reinstallation

I did look for Cloudflare competitors but none of the ones I was presented with had language that a lay person could understand. I know some people suggested I not use Cloudflare, but those same people are far more tech-savvy than me.

I’ll see how this goes. We had been getting daily traffic in the 40,000 page-view region for a couple of days, before it slowed to 23,000 on New Year’s Day, and 12,000 yesterday. But those 20,000-plus days are getting more frequent, and as I noted, it even went as high as the 60,000s.

There’s no documentation on Mediawiki stats and how Cloudflare affects them, so it looks like I might be detailing this information for others. Cloudflare, too, comes with its own stats, but it won’t be the same. I enjoyed having the native Mediawiki counter.

So far the home page randomizer is working as normal, and I’ve intentionally inflated the Ford Taunus 80 entry by one visit, which the stats’ page has reflected. There’s a chance that Cloudflare won’t affect things at all. Who knows?

The 4,900th entry, incidentally, was the Holden Brougham (HK).

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