Autocade reaches 35 million page views, the latest million in 41 days

Autocade hit the 35 million mark two days ago, in well under two months, buoyed by days of over 60,000 page views per day. I saw other jumps in the 20,000-a-day mark, even 50,000 on some other days. The last two days alone saw 43,000 page views, bringing today’s total to 7,402,333 since the server was reset in 2022. (At that point, we had achieved 27,647,011.) Combined, that makes 35,049,344.

In fact, we’ve reached the new million milestone in one month and 10 days, our record. I’m thrilled, especially when you consider that it took three years to get our first million page views.

I don’t know what accounts for these healthy jumps. Adding the Yearbook may have helped legitimize the website more, though you’d think with 16 years of history (as of next month) and inbound links from Wikipedia, it already had a lot of legitimacy.

I hadn’t quite increased the index size to 4,900: it’s sitting on 4,896, an increase of only 24 models since the last million milestone on December 22.

The rather attractive Neta S is the latest model added, which makes a marked change from the Bisu T5 that was the latest when we commemorated 34 million total page views.

Here’s how we’ve progressed:
March 2008: launch
April 2011: 1,000,000 (three years for first million)
March 2012: 2,000,000 (11 months for second million)
May 2013: 3,000,000 (14 months for third million)
January 2014: 4,000,000 (eight months for fourth million)
September 2014: 5,000,000 (eight months for fifth million)
May 2015: 6,000,000 (eight months for sixth million)
October 2015: 7,000,000 (five months for seventh million)
March 2016: 8,000,000 (five months for eighth million)
August 2016: 9,000,000 (five months for ninth million)
February 2017: 10,000,000 (six months for 10th million)
June 2017: 11,000,000 (four months for 11th million)
January 2018: 12,000,000 (seven months for 12th million)
May 2018: 13,000,000 (four months for 13th million)
September 2018: 14,000,000 (four months for 14th million)
February 2019: 15,000,000 (five months for 15th million)
June 2019: 16,000,000 (four months for 16th million)
October 2019: 17,000,000 (four months for 17th million)
December 2019: 18,000,000 (just under three months for 18th million)
April 2020: 19,000,000 (just over three months for 19th million)
July 2020: 20,000,000 (just over three-and-a-half months for 20th million)
October 2020: 21,000,000 (three months for 21st million)
January 2021: 22,000,000 (three months for 22nd million)
April 2021: 23,000,000 (three months for 23rd million)
June 2021: 24,000,000 (two months for 24th million)
August 2021: 25,000,000 (two months for 25th million)
October 2021: 26,000,000 (two months for 26th million)
January 2022: 27,000,000 (three months for 27th million)
April 2022: 28,000,000 (three months for 28th million)
August 2022: 29,000,000 (four months for 29th million)
December 2022: 30,000,000 (three months, 10 days for 30th million)
April 2023: 31,000,000 (four months for 31st million)
August 2023: 32,000,000 (four months for 32nd million)
October 2023: 33,000,000 (two months for 33rd million)
December 2023: 34,000,000 (two months for 34th million)
February 2024: 35,000,000 (one month, 10 days for 35th million)

Since my December 22 post, we have added a US edition of the Autocade Yearbook 2024, printed Stateside. We managed to have this in place before the US printer increased its price by 82 per cent, so it still retails at a lower price than the UK-printed edition. This seemed fair as it’s on a different US paper stock (our first US customer tells us that he approves). For American readers, we’ve also managed to include free shipping in the price, with the retail recommended at US$21·99.

Because we’re going through a UK company charging us in pounds sterling, there are some minor exchange rate fluctuations that take the price either slightly above or slightly below that. There are only web promos on the Autocade site for now, but we will do some below-the-line. You can buy this now at Libriz, our e-commerce shop, which also has begun retailing printed editions of Lucire.

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