Autocade’s top 10, August 2023

Ford Explorer
Although Autocade’s viewership has gone down, it’s still fascinating (maybe only to me) to see what the top 10 look like since the site was reinstalled last year.
Toyota Corolla (E210) (7,307 views)
Ford Taunus 80 (5,830 views)
Daewoo Winstorm (4,943 views)
Opel Astra J (4,688 views)
Ford Fiesta Mk VII (4,683 views)
Renault Mégane II (4,429 views)
Peugeot 206+, 207 (4,336 views)
Renault Mégane III (4,134 views)
Ford Fiesta Mk VI (4,129 views)
Rover SD1 (4,029 views)

My last post on this was in April 2023, and the positions have changed. It’s fascinating to see so many people interested in the Daewoo Winstorm, but it’s the rise of the Opel Astra J that’s more notable here. The Astra J also leapt up on the old site (2008–22) as well.

It’s pushed everyone else down, and ninth and tenth have swapped places. I expect the Fiesta Mk VI to overtake the Mégane III shortly.

Once upon a time, the Nissan Bluebird (910) and an older Corolla led the table, so this does change with the audience. For a history site, it seems many of you want to look up what was happening around two decades ago.

We are still a bit weak on US models, and relatively few appear in the top positions. I realize some of the above were from US firms, but none were developed Stateside for a primarily North American market. You have to get to 15th, when the CD391 Ford Fusion appears—though it’s very closely related to the earlier CD345 Mondeo, more of a German product. The Chevrolet Chevette is 18th, but the T-car project was led by Germany and launched first (1973) in Brazil. The Ford Explorer (U625) comes in at 33rd—that one’s quintessentially American.

Hopefully I’ll do a million-milestone post some time in August.

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