A full day on Autocade with Cloudflare switched on

Cloudflare traffic stats
It appears that Cloudflare hasn’t affected Mediawiki’s stats (at least not hugely, from what I can tell).

Overnight we had about 19,000 views, according to Mediawiki. Cloudflare, meanwhile, reports 5,420 visitors in that same time—three to four pages per visitor sounds acceptable. I realize Cloudflare might count search engine bots, too.

I’ll have things run for a few more days, but what’s good is that I haven’t seen the numbers plunge just because everything was behind Cloudflare.

Of the 3·96 Gbyte delivered, 3·68 Gbyte was cached, so this will help the traffic numbers on our end hugely.

Surprisingly to me, China leads the audience leaderboard on Cloudflare, with 18,765 requests, followed by Singapore on 13,450. The US, France and Finland follow with 9,255, 3,715, and 1,191 respectively.

The fact that Yearbook sales have largely been from the UK is definitely not to do with the site traffic!

Maybe 44 years of reading British car magazines have affected the way I write about the subject, and it resonates most with a UK audience.

We do cover a lot of Chinese cars (it’s only logical given how many new releases come from there), so I imagine there are visitors from China wanting to see how the local product has been covered abroad.

I’ll be interested to see if we get another 40,000- or 60,000-page day and how Cloudflare reflects that in its stats. A quick Baidu search for the word Autocade doesn’t show results beyond the home page. However, it reports 3,440 results for site:autocade.net, and shows the Chinese models first (Changan Eado, Wey Latte, BAIC BJEV EX360 and the Dongfeng Aeolus Yixuan appear in the top 10).
Mediawiki traffic stats
PS.: The following day, we only recorded 9,000 page views, which is incredibly low. The jury is, then, still out.
P.PS.: Then 11,000. Unless we are back to averaging 10,000 views per day and that the December–February period was an anomaly?

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