Autocade hits 36 million page views, with shifts in the leaderboard

We’ve hit 36 million page views on Autocade now, with the counter showing 8,356,587. Add that to the 27,647,011 just before the old server was decommissioned, and we’re on 36,003,598.

We hit 35 million on February 1, so it took 58 days to net the latest million, 17 days longer than last time.

We’ve noticed Chinese traffic fall off in the last week. Who knows what happened there? The site’s still showing up in Baidu, so there’s nothing wrong with our, dare I say it, SEO.

We haven’t quite crossed 5,000 models: we’re sitting on 4,985, the latest entry the 1974–7 Chrysler Town & Country. Trust me, I wish it wasn’t a smog-era land yacht.

Time again, then, for our regular run-down:
March 2008: launch
April 2011: 1,000,000 (three years for first million)
March 2012: 2,000,000 (11 months for second million)
May 2013: 3,000,000 (14 months for third million)
January 2014: 4,000,000 (eight months for fourth million)
September 2014: 5,000,000 (eight months for fifth million)
May 2015: 6,000,000 (eight months for sixth million)
October 2015: 7,000,000 (five months for seventh million)
March 2016: 8,000,000 (five months for eighth million)
August 2016: 9,000,000 (five months for ninth million)
February 2017: 10,000,000 (six months for 10th million)
June 2017: 11,000,000 (four months for 11th million)
January 2018: 12,000,000 (seven months for 12th million)
May 2018: 13,000,000 (four months for 13th million)
September 2018: 14,000,000 (four months for 14th million)
February 2019: 15,000,000 (five months for 15th million)
June 2019: 16,000,000 (four months for 16th million)
October 2019: 17,000,000 (four months for 17th million)
December 2019: 18,000,000 (just under three months for 18th million)
April 2020: 19,000,000 (just over three months for 19th million)
July 2020: 20,000,000 (just over three-and-a-half months for 20th million)
October 2020: 21,000,000 (three months for 21st million)
January 2021: 22,000,000 (three months for 22nd million)
April 2021: 23,000,000 (three months for 23rd million)
June 2021: 24,000,000 (two months for 24th million)
August 2021: 25,000,000 (two months for 25th million)
October 2021: 26,000,000 (two months for 26th million)
January 2022: 27,000,000 (three months for 27th million)
April 2022: 28,000,000 (three months for 28th million)
August 2022: 29,000,000 (four months for 29th million)
December 2022: 30,000,000 (three months, 10 days for 30th million)
April 2023: 31,000,000 (four months for 31st million)
August 2023: 32,000,000 (four months for 32nd million)
October 2023: 33,000,000 (two months for 33rd million)
December 2023: 34,000,000 (two months for 34th million)
February 2024: 35,000,000 (one month, 10 days for 35th million)
March 2024: 36,000,000 (two months for 36th million)

I’m going to say two months for that last million, since that’s closer to 58 days. It’s not quite as fast as what we saw last time, although the pace of updates has been pretty healthy: 99 models since the last post on this topic.

We haven’t seen any 60,000-page days, though we have had a few in the 20,000s since Autocade went behind Cloudflare.

The leaderboard has been fascinating, too, at least for me, with the current Toyota Corolla falling behind the Opel Astra J and Ford Fiesta Mk VII, two models that were searched-for a lot before the server upgrade. The Corolla had jumped remarkably one night but never kept up that pace, though hits were healthy enough to have kept it in a post-upgrade second place for a long time.

The IKCO Samand, which has been on Autocade since 2009, shot up dramatically since November 2023, and was on track to overtake the Corolla when it was higher up in the table, before its hits also slowed. However, traffic to that page is steady, and it could also overtake the Corolla soon.

There’s a larger gap to the Renault Mégane III.
Ford Taunus 80 11,523
Daewoo Winstorm 8,795
Opel Astra J 8,504
Ford Fiesta Mk VII 8,432
Toyota Corolla (E210) 8,424
IKCO Samand 8,415
Renault Mégane III 8,209
Peugeot 206+, 207 8,104
Renault Mégane II 7,877
Ford Fiesta Mk VI 7,773

Frustratingly, it’s been difficult getting feedback from our Facebook page over what people would like to see in a future Autocade publication, though personal messages to some of our customers have netted reviews and useful ideas. I have never found Facebook particularly useful for feedback, and it seems little has changed. It hasn’t helped that among our c. 600 fans, there are bots hiding among them, and Facebook has not cared about doing anything about them for many years—a situation I warned about a long time ago.

Still nothing beats handling customer management yourself with your own email list and writing personal notes to each person.

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