My friend Randy writes a book; our ‘Written by humans’ graphic; Hart’s is economical

Extra plug for my friend Randy Scobey, who has written a memoir. Since Randy and I met through blogging in 2006, it seems fitting to mention this on my blog. What I wrote in Lucire about his book is heartfelt. If you want to read a first-hand account on the stigma felt by the rainbow community, and how gay conversion groups target people, Randy’s Why: a Memoir is particularly revealing. Foreword by the late Anne Heche. Out now, available via Amazon or, better yet, directly from the publisher in the US for US$19·99. (Whenever you have a chance, buy books straight from the publisher. It really helps us.)
Written by humans graphic with smiley face
Finally, I figured out where our ‘Written by humans’ graphic should point to: the JY&A Media page. Hopefully we’ll get time soon to redevelop that part of the website, as things are changing there with what we offer. There’ll be more soon. It was something Amanda and I put into play last year that netted us the Autocade Yearbook. One foot in front of the other.
Internally, we use Hart’s Rules as our style guide, with the exception of diphthongs: we like them, so we retain them. (If we’re allowed ligatures, surely we’re allowed diphthongs?) It does mean some quirks that are the opposite of what we learned at school. As you’ve seen from our publications, we have single quotation marks for direct quotations and doubles for slang (Dr Evil will agree). Recently, we converted a publication that had been prepared to someone else’s style, with the quotation-mark convention switched around and with spaced em dashes, to Hart’s. Net result: we saved a page. That might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but that extra page meant a lot, as we had the option to either extend this book (as it’s heading into a second edition) or put related content in there. Ultimately, we chose the latter.

I’ve always appreciated Hart’s but this was an added reason.

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