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Surely something all Chinese can agree on

It’s 2011, which, by my calculations, is the centenary of China kicking out the corrupt Ching dynasty.
   It’s the one event that both Republicans and Communists can agree on as being positive. It’s why Dr Sun Yat-sen is such a uniting figure for all Chinese, as the father of the nation.
   I can’t speak for all expatriates, but personally, I think this is an anniversary worth celebrating.
   Twenty-eleven might be the time to put aside the usual animosity and all the political rhetoric. Like New Year, we can look forward to some unity surrounding the formation of a Chinese republic.
   And since we’re unlikely ever to get the two sides agreeing on much more, then maybe a Chinese commonwealth is an idea we should entertain?

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2 Responses to ‘Surely something all Chinese can agree on’

  1. Thanks for your tweet the other day, Jack. It is appreciated, almost as much as your opinion above. How long can one truly hold a grudge, anyway?

  2. Jack Yan says:

    Hey Mike: you are welcome. The Chinese grudge is an odd one, mostly promoted by politicians. But when you look at it, apart from 1949, Communists and Nationalists fought the Japanese together, were around when the republic was formed, and come from the same stock.

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