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Crunching the COVID-19 numbers for June 15

I hadn’t done one of these for a long time: take the number of COVID-19 cases and divide them by tests done. For most countries, the percentage is trending down, though there has been little movement in Sweden. I hadn’t included Brazil, Russia and India before, but as they are in the top part of the table, I’ve included them for the first time for context. That does leave the C of the BRIC countries out, but as China does not disclose its testing numbers, I can’t work out a figure for them. Given the news, it is no surprise that Brazil has the worst percentage I have seen since I began crunching these numbers: more than half of the tests done result in a positive. The source is Worldometers.

Brazil 867,882 of 1,604,784 = 54路08%
Sweden 51,614 of 325,000 = 15路88%
France 157,220 of 1,384,633 = 11路35%
KSA 127,541 of 1,106,398 = 10路99%
USA 2,162,261 of 24,795,407 = 8路72%
Singapore 40,818 of 488,695 = 8路35%
Switzerland 31,131 of 461,128 = 6路75%
Spain 291,008 of 4,826,516 = 6路03%
India 333,255 of 5,774,133 = 5路77%
Italy 236,989 of 4,620,718 = 5路13%
UK 295,889 of 6,772,602 = 4路37%
Germany 187,671 of 4,694,147 = 4路00%
Russia 537,210 of 15,161,152 = 3路54%
South Korea 12,121 of 1,105,719 = 1路10%
Taiwan 445 of 74,409 = 0路60%
New Zealand 1,504 of 311,121 = 0路48%
Australia 7,335 of 1,830,665 = 0路40%
Hong Kong 1,113 of 275,293 = 0路40%

   It shows that COVID-19 is far from over, something that we here in New Zealand need to be reminded of as we begin to rebuild. Still, nearby Fiji is also COVID-19-free, so perhaps we can begin having some travel with them?

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