Autocade turns 16

KG Rexton
The latest model on Autocade: the second-generation Ssangyong Rexton, now the KG Rexton.
Last week, Autocade hit its 16th anniversary, and how different this one looks from the last. Now there’s a print counterpart, and some very nice readers have offered their reviews, too.

We’re nearing 5,000 models on there, and the last several days have seen over 20,000 page views a day—showing that Cloudflare hasn’t affected the counter, as far as I can tell, if we are still netting days healthily above 10,000.

While more SUVs have gone up—because so many of them are being made—I’m buoyed at the microcars, B-segment hatchbacks and the few saloons still coming through, while among historical models, it was interesting to get some of the Facel Vegas up, and replace a few low-res photos from the early days.

The anorak in me is also enjoying the stats, where the leaderboard has changed order since the last time I posted about it. Interest in the current Toyota Corolla has dropped off, but there are no such issues with the Daewoo Winstorm (really) and the IKCO Samand:
Ford Taunus 80 11,089
Daewoo Winstorm 8,573
Toyota Corolla (E210) 8,385
IKCO Samand 8,361
Opel Astra J 8,336
Ford Fiesta Mk VII 8,108
Renault Mégane III 8,010
Peugeot 206+, 207 7,985
Renault Mégane II 7,744
Daewoo Lacetti (J300) 7,687
Remember, the stats were reset in February 2022, if you wondered why these page-view totals were so low.

We have more ideas of where else we can take the Autocade brand, so hopefully we can make them work in what is a pretty tight market. Watch this space.

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