IKCO’s saloons race up Autocade’s leaderboard

IKCO Samand
This is quite remarkable: some of Autocade’s pages on various IKCO saloons have been there for a long time, but suddenly they’re appearing on the top part of the leaderboard.

The IKCO Samand is at 7,034 views since the February 2022 reinstallation. That makes it the third most-read model page on the site, and at this rate it will soon be number one. Yesterday it was 6,980. A month ago it wouldn’t have been in the top 50. In fact, just last week I was wondering when the Daewoo Winstorm (fourth-placed model, fifth overall) would be overtaking the second-placed Toyota Corolla (E210). The Samand was nowhere to be seen. The page was first created in July 2009.

The IKCO Dena is at 20th overall (15th-ranked model, page created May 2011), and the Soren, which was added last month to the encyclopædia even though the model has been around since 2007, is at 34th (27th-ranked model page).

Another page added in November, around the time of the Soren, was the Kenyan Mobius 2, now at 36th overall with 4,376 views.

I’m very grateful for the views: obviously people like getting this information from us.

They are all covered in an article in the Autocade Yearbook 2024. (I’m still deciding where the italics go. Is the title Autocade and Yearbook happens to be the number?)

I’ll do a proper post about Autocade soon, especially the Yearbook, as that’s the big news of the month (year?) for us. Nearly 16 years since I started Autocade, it now has a print counterpart. It only took me seven years to make that decision with Lucire back in 2004. There is a much longer story behind this. Watch this space, or at least, this blog.
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