Chrome’s dramas continue as it hits version 8

It looks like Chrome has updated by itself, and as with all improvements to software, more bugs have been introduced.    You can blame our programming skills, but here is how the home page of Lucire now looks (and it had looked like this on Chromium a couple of months ago, too): Below is how […]

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How do you take a screen shot when Alt-Print Screen stops working?

This is an error that happens to me at least twice a week for years, and no one seems to have a solution. I’ve read some of the help pages on this in web searches, and none of them help.    As far as I can tell, only one case of this has been reported, […]

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Igovt hates my answers

I signed up to the Igovt site for the New Zealand Government today, allowing citizens a single log-on for e-government services (such as the Companies’ Office, where we have to file annual returns). In case you forget your password, you can choose from a variety of security questions they can ask you.    The following […]

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The ex-Vox testimony

A phpBB forum for former users of Vox (I am one) started in September 2010. I posted there today, going through my history with the service. The below is a repost, which I thought would be of interest to readers of this blog (some of whom have come from Vox). It’s a small summary of […]

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A typeface designer’s test of the Opera browser

After my endless complaints about Firefox crashing on Twitter (even with a fresh install, it still crashes multiple times daily—even on the machine where the hard drive was reformatted), I was pointed to Opera 10·63.    I can tell it’s not really designed for anyone who likes type. Here’s how my Twitter page looked, with […]

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Eating Google humble pie

Today, I am eating Google humble pie, because it was right about malware on Autocade. Therefore: thank you, Google. (I’m not so petty as to not thank them for when they get things right.)    Since Google had cried wolf over this blog, which has never had malware issues, I had to question it. Nevertheless, […]

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A weekend of malware

  I’m prepared to eat humble pie if one of our sites is actually distributing malware (naturally without any knowledge or action on our part). According to Google, Autocade is doing just that, as of the 23rd: Of the 3 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 3 page(s) resulted in […]

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My strange Google Dashboard entries

Google Dashboard continues to show some strange entries, months after I cancelled all my blogs and Adsense accounts, and severed my ties with many other Google products.    I’d advise others to take a look at theirs and make sure they aren’t on services that they never signed up for. This went well beyond Google […]

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