RIP Martin Crowe

Martin Crowe was not only our greatest batsman, but a gentleman and all-round decent bloke. I remember him as an honourable, nice guy, and soulmate to Lorraine, and it was a privilege to spend time with them both back in 2013. Back then, we had thought the worst was behind him; I am deeply sorry […]

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A tribute to Massimo Vignelli

The below ran in Lucire today, though it is equally suited to the readers of this blog. RIT Massimo Vignelli, who passed away on May 27, was a hero of mine. When receiving the news shortly before it hit the media in a big way, from our mutual friend Stanley Moss, this title’s travel editor […]

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Monica Z now out on DVD and Blu-ray

Monica Z, the bio-pic about the late Swedish jazz singer starring Edda Magnason, is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, as of earlier this week.    I learned about the movie not through my Swedish contacts—they were messaging me only when the film was in the cinemas—but when Edda appeared at Allsång på Skansen in […]

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Joseph Churchward, QSM: a tribute

Joe Churchward, on my last visit to his home in Hataitai in 2012. Joe’s wall at his home in Hataitai. Two of Joe’s business cards, given to me at my last visit. I started the day with the sad news that Joseph Churchward, QSM, has passed away.    Joe was a great typeface designer, but, […]

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